Prison Fellowship Uganda

Children of Prisoners Programme

The Children of Prisoners Programme rescues, rebuilds, and restores the lives of poor and vulnerable children of prisoners by providing assistance in the areas of safety, health care, education, and spiritual resiliency.

More than 14 million children around the world have lost one or both parents to prison. One million live in poverty in hard-to-reach communities and are in danger of slavery, sex trafficking, and violence. No child should have to live this way. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to rescue, restore, and rebuild the lives of these innocent children. The Children of Prisoners Programme is one of three Programme Partnerships partnership between Prison Fellowship International and Prison Fellowship Uganda.

The Children of Prisoners Program provides four essential supports:


To help a child enjoy a safe and secure home and caregiving environment, we aim to ensure each child lives in a safe home, has legal access to their rights as citizens, and that each child and caregiver understands basic child rights and protection.


In order to help a child achieve good health, we aim to ensure each child is adequately nourished, has access to improved water and sanitation, is protected from preventable diseases and has access to public medical care services when needed.


To help a child receive a basic education we aim to ensure each school-aged child has access to school and is attending regularly, progressing from one grade to the next, and can express him or herself through writing.

Resilience in Spirit

To help a child become resilient we aim to ensure each child has an opportunity to:

  • participate in the local church community.
  • build a relationship with their parent in prison.
  • express ideas or feelings orally, artistically, or by writing.
  • enjoy positive relationships with their peers, and is not in conflict with the law or engaging in unhealthy behaviors.
” Each of these services is offered in a variety of ways. PFU works with Prison Fellowship International to determine the most appropriate activities to meet the unique needs of the children of prisoners in their country. Operational standards ensure programs are effective and sustainable and that donors are engaged long-term. Both PFI and the PFU national ministry provide funding. “