Prison Fellowship Uganda

Our parent organization: Prison Fellowship International

About Prison Fellowship International

Since the establishment of Prison Fellowship Uganda, we have been deeply grateful for the continuous support received from Prison Fellowship International, the world’s largest association of national organizations dedicated to pursuing justice and healing in response to crime, of which we are proud member.

With a membership spanning over 116 countries, Prison Fellowship International implements effective programs that focus on restoring prisoners, supporting their families, and facilitating their successful reintegration into the community.

Each year, our combined efforts reach out to more than 800,000 prisoners and 415,000 children of prisoners, making a significant impact on their lives.

The Founder ____

Prison Fellowship International

For more than 40 years, Prison Fellowship International has built programs in prisons around the world that are restoring prisoners’ lives, helping their families, and successfully integrating them back into the community—for good. With proven Christian-based training programs implemented successfully in prisons all over the world, the results have been truly miraculous. The support from Prison Fellowship International has enabled Prison Fellowship Uganda to achieve the great feats it has.

Accredited ____

PFU is fully chartered by PFI since 1987


Prison Fellowship International is a movement of indigenous ministries, & together we engage, train, equip & mobilize more than 33,000 volunteers.