Prison Fellowship Uganda

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In Prison programs

By participating in The Prisoner’s Journey Program, which involves an eight-week study of the Book of Mark, prisoners gain a deeper understanding of Jesus the Prisoner and how He can positively impact their lives. As they experience transformation at a heart-level, their chances of thriving outside of prison increase significantly, creating a ripple effect that positively impacts the individual, prison culture, and local communities.

In-and-Out Prison programs

The Sycamore Tree Project: Justice and Peace, a victim-offender reconciliation program initiated by Prison Fellowship International, is now operational in 78 prisons, and it is proving to be instrumental in transforming prison environments from being violent to peaceful. The program encourages prisoners to take responsibility for their actions and offer forgiveness, leading to a significant reduction in violence, as regularly reported by officials.

Out of Prison programs


Offenders released from prison often find it challenging to reintegrate into society and face rejection at every level. To address this dilemma, we collaborate with churches to provide support and assistance to help these individuals successfully reintegrate into their communities.