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The Prisoner's Journey

The program known as “The Prisoner’s Journey” is being implemented in 508 prisons worldwide. It involves an eight-session study of the Book of Mark, which aims to educate prisoners about Jesus as a prisoner and the significance of his teachings for their lives. The program has the potential to transform prisoners on a deeper level, which can significantly increase their chances of thriving once they leave prison. This, in turn, can have a positive impact on prison culture and local communities. Unfortunately, the program is currently only available in less than 40% of Uganda’s 235 prisons. Therefore, the organizers are calling for new partners to help expand the program’s reach. Your assistance could make a tremendous difference.

The Plan

Prisoners are one of the least-reached groups in the world and we have a plan to reach them.

Prisoners around the world are cut off from society and left alone to cope with their feelings of hopelessness and despair.

The Prisoner’s Journey is proven to transform the lives of prisoners, from the inside out, by introducing them to restorative relationship with the person of Jesus. 

3 Phases of the Program

The Invitation

Prisoners are invited to a promotional event in which they watch a powerful video introducing them to Jesus the Prisoner. They are then invited to attend the eight-session course of The Prisoner’s Journey.

The Course

Throughout eight sessions, prisoners meet in groups of 10–12 to learn about who Jesus is, what He calls them to do, and what He wants for their lives.

The Discipleship

Upon course completion, prisoners are invited to enroll in a discipleship course (Prison Project Phillip – PPP) to develop a deeper knowledge of the Bible, theological topics, and how to continue their journey with Jesus.

Live's being changed through the Prisoner's Journey Program


Prisons Running The Prisoner’s Journey


Prisoners Invited to Learn About Jesus Annually


Prisoners Have Graduated The Course


Prisoners Have Furthered Their Relationship with Jesus Through Discipleship